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Sh. Dalbir Singh


Government College for Girls, Kairu, is a premier under graduate institution in Haryana with outstanding academic achievement & the excellence of social productivity. We feel delighted to welcome you and invite you with due regard to become a member of our mission of excellence. Our noble mission is to generate the cultural seeds of nationalism and to inculcate a true sense of responsibility and accountability in our young generation to capitalize on our designed goal. Let us join hands to make our nation healthy and prosperous. We are here sincerely devoted to develop a scientific social outlook and introspective view of our young members, who are the pillars of nation building. We may not take you to the sky, but we promise to show you the sky and the way to the sky. Your perspiration and determination, when combined together, will make you a genius. We are honestly committed to bestow upon you hygienic and conductive environment to explore your potential to achieve your sweet dreams. Greatness, dear friends, is a product of honesty and nobility fertilized by love and understanding. I believe that a nation can develop only if the teachers are trained, dedicated and ethically strong. We look forward to achieving the objectives framed by this college. The students are properly mentored by teacher-mentors within the college and beyond the college. I hope that the teachers, non-teaching staff and students will do their best to bring laurel to the college. Here, it is assured that you will learn how to explore the earth to reach the sky.